Electrostatic Precipitators

In response to a variety of requirements relating to dust collection from new constructions to modifications or upgrading construction work, as well as facility diagnosis and maintenance services.

The SHI Group has made numerous deliveries of electrostatic precipitators, exceeding 500 units in wide range of fields that include electric power, steel manufacturing, as well as cement industries. Dusty gas, guided to the electric dust collector is captured by the dust collecting electrode along an electric field, formed between the discharge electrode, which is a framed type that presents no concern for disconnection. The dust collecting electrode has a corrugated structure with minimal deformation, due to its superior strength. Furthermore, highly efficient dust collecting performance is exhibited even with dust that has a high electric resistivity, which is normally considered to be difficult to collect, thanks to the pulse charging method, developed by the SHI Group.


Wet type electric dust collector

The electrostatic precipitator available from the SHI Group makes stable operation of plant facilities possible, with the framed discharge electrode and the ΣIII type dust collecting electrode that has a corrugated (sigma type) structure and with no concern for the disconnection of discharge lines, as well as a dust collecting plate that has a superior cross-sectional strength. Other than the dry type electrostatic precipitator, the SHI Group is also able to provide customers dust collectors in response to various needs and demands, such as wet type electrostatic precipitators, as well as mechanical type dust collectors (Multiclone), etc.

  1. 1New construction work

    Optimum dust collectors for plant facilities are proposed based on the know-how of the SHI Group. Furthermore, electrostatic precipitators incorporate our proprietary control equipment (SPAC2000α), and the SHI Group is able to provide electrostatic precipitators that have reputations accumulated from the electric power, steel making, chemical, paper manufacturing, cement and other industries.

  2. 2Modifications and upgrading construction work

    The SHI Group responds to the requirements of various modifications and upgrading construction work, including the updating of facility interiors, which have degraded through aging, as well as the additional installation of dust collectors or upgrading to the latest charging type dust collectors. The SHI Group is able to respond, regardless of whether or not the relevant facilities and equipment were made by the SHI Group or by other manufacturers, with modifications or upgrading plans proposed according to the desires of our customers.

  3. 3Maintenance and service
    After sales service

    Regardless of whether or not the relevant facilities are made by the SHI Group or by other manufacturers, engineers of the SHI Group provide diagnostic services to determine the existence of any problems or deterioration from aging with facilities, based on technologies and experience nurtured over many years. Furthermore, support will be provided to ensure that the facilities of our customers continue to operate in a stable manner, by providing a stable supply of consumable parts, as well as technical guidance regarding part replacements, etc.

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