Basic Views

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) Group has deep connections with communities and society through its business activities.
The Group strives to provide products and services that can contribute to solving social and environmental issues, and actively engages in social contribution activities through environmental conservation, educational support, and sponsorship activities. We strive to provide products and services that can contribute to solving social and environmental issues, and actively engages in social contribution activities through environmental conservation, educational support, and sponsorship activities.


Educational Support

Co-sponsoring "Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative"
The SHI Group has co-sponsored "Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative," an overseas study promotion program based on collaboration between the public sector and private sectors since FY2014. We donate funds for its operation and send instructors to seminars organized for students prior to their studying abroad.
In recognition of this support activity, we received a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon* in 2018.
  • *Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon: One of the national medals of honor awarded to individuals and corporations that have made donations to the State, local governments, or public interest organizations and have been selected through a review process based on the recommendation of ministries and agencies.
Youth baseball workshop (Sumitomo Construction Machinery)
Since 2004, Sumitomo Construction Machinery has held a youth baseball workshop with the objectives of "youth development" and "regional revitalization." This clinic is held nationwide with former professional baseball players invited as instructors.
Hosting a plant tour

In November 2020, Okayama Works hosted a plant tour for students of Kurashiki Municipal Tamashima Higashi Junior High School. On the day of the tour, students learned about Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox, and gained hands-on experience in the actual operations at both companies.

Environmental Conservation

Public access to the "Forest of Inspiration" in Tanashi Works
About 30% of the site area of the Tanashi Works is composed of forests, and there are about 4,500 trees of 40 kinds. We preserve this forest from the viewpoint of environmental conservation and biodiversity conservation, and also open it to the public by designating it as an "Forest for Ideas." In addition to being a place for citizens to relax, it serves as a local disaster evacuation site and a space for academic research on biodiversity.
Received the Minister of the Environment's Award for Achievement for Promotion of a Recycling-Based Society in FY2020.
Yokosuka Works was recognized by the Minister of the Environment as an excellent 3R activity company for its zero-emission activities since 2004, which include waste reduction through thorough waste separation, recycling, and proper disposal.
Received a letter of appreciation for cooperation on the "Zero Emission Tokyo" project.

Tanashi Works donated a credit of 11,942 t-CO2, which is the excess reduction of CO2 emissions based on the metropolitan Cap-and-Trade Program*, to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support Tokyo's efforts to achieve "Zero Emission Tokyo," a sustainable city that does not discharge CO2. As a result, we received a letter of appreciation from Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko.
As a company subject to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Cap-and-Trade Program, we are working to reduce CO2 emissions through energy-saving activities in our daily operations and the use of energy-saving equipment. We will continue our group-wide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • *A program that imposes an obligation to reduce CO2 emissions on large business establishments (those that use fuel, heat, or electricity in amounts equivalent to 1,500 kl of crude oil or more per year for three consecutive years) in accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Security Ordinance. Credits can be received for excess CO2 reductions achieved beyond the amount of reduction obligation.

For more information on "Zero Emission Tokyo," please click here. (Click on the "ZC4D2020" banner on the site for information on credit donation and the Cap-and-Trade Program.)

Community Support

Ehime Produce Fair
As part of our restoration support for Ehime Prefecture where severe damage was caused by the western Japan heavy rain disaster in 2018, an Ehime produce fair was held at the Osaki Head Office. Ehime Prefecture is the place of Sumitomo's origin, and the SHI Group has a very deep connection with the area where two of our works (Niihama and Saijo) are located. The fair held at the Osaki Head Office on February 14, 2020 was visited by 240 employees, and part of the fair proceeds was used for restoration support.
BISTRO SAIJO in SMIT (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology)
With the cooperation of a restaurant in Saijo City, we are working with an NPO Deli Support Saijo to implement the "BISTRO SAIJO in SMIT" program to deliver meals for dinner to our Group's factories.
This aims at supporting restaurants in Saijo City, which are seriously affected by COVID-19, and managing the health of employees who are compelled to live in an irregular manner due to working under a two-shift work system implemented as a measure concerning COVID-19. This activity was carried out d out in cooperation with an NPO organization, "Deli Support Saijo." We bear delivery fees for employees, and takeout meals prepared by restaurants in the city are delivered twice a week.

Sponsorships / Partnerships