SHI Group's Sustainability

Under the Basic CSR Policy, the SHI Group will promote more robust and sustainable corporate activities focused on addressing our materialities to live up to the trust of our stakeholders.

Basic CSR Policy

In March 2020, the SHI Group established the "Basic CSR Policy" by resolution of the Board of Directors, with the aim of integrating sustainability into business activities.
We will establish the Basic CSR Policy based on our management philosophy and ethical code, and work on material issues in our business activities.

Basic CSR Policy
  1. 1The SHI Group will establish an internal control system, enhance soundness and transparency of management.
  2. 2The SHI Group will provide products and services that contribute towards both economic and technological development that targets the realization of a sustainable society.
  3. 3The SHI Group will make every effort to minimize the environmental load of its products and services across the entire lifecycle. In addition, the Group will protect the safety, security and health of every person that interacts with any corporate activity with the aim to create a vibrant workplace for every employee.

Promotion System

The Sustainability Department of the Corporate Planning Group, which oversees sustainability activities, plays a central role in formulating a medium-term CSR plan and sharing the measures and progress of material issues with the relevant departments of the Head Office.

CSR Committee meeting: Held twice a year

CSR Committee was established with the aim of formulating appropriate guidelines from the perspective of improving corporate value over the medium- to long-term and promoting various activities of our Group to fulfill our social responsibility toward the realization of a sustainable society.
CSR committee is chaired by the president and composed of directors, corporate auditors, executive officers, and executive officers of each business division.
This committee deliberates on basic policies and material issues, medium-term and fiscal year plans, and systems and promotion status related to our Group's sustainability.
The details of the deliberation are reported at the Board of Directors.

Sustainability regular meeting: Held once a month

The members of the Sustainability Department of the Corporate Planning Group share information and discuss issues on a monthly basis.

Reporting at the Head Office managers' meeting: Held once a year at each managers' meeting

The progress of material issues are reported at the Development Division Managers' Meeting, Design Division Managers' Meeting, Manufacturing Division Managers' Meeting, Environmental Management Meeting, Procurement Managers' Meeting, Safety Managers' Meeting, Audit & Supervisory Board Members' Meeting and General Administration Group Leader Meeting.

Public relations/Sustainability committee members

Sustainability Department have commissioned public relations and sustainability committee members as contact points for sustainability information for business units, affiliated companies, and factories, and are promoting information sharing and educational activities.

Activities Toward Promoting Sustainability

The Sustainability Department of the Corporate Planning Group plays a central role in promoting various efforts, such as education and campaign activities and deliver information.

Deliver Information

Intranet portal site, "Sustainability-Navi"

To ensure smooth information sharing within our Group, the site provides various information, such as the messages from the President, interviews with employees, and news within the SHI Group.

Internal newsletter, "Quartet" (4 issues per year)
The newsletter delivers sustainability information as part of its permanent content.

Education and campaigns

Poster production

We make posters for building pride in employees of our group and post them at each business divisions and Group company.
The catchphrase used in the poster for FY2020 was "One step closer to the future", expressing the commitment of our Group to "steadily advance the world to make a better society".

Dialogue with business divisions

From 2017 to 2019, we had dialogue sessions with a total of 20 business divisions and Group companies to reaffirm the social significance of our business and how to solve social issues through our business.
We provided opportunities for the business managers to report the results to president and CEO and discussed and shared the social value and environmental value provided by our group.
Through these dialogue activities, we sorted out the social value provided by our group's products and services and identified material issues.

Organizational revitalization project

Working in collaboration with PTC Division, we implemented the "organizational revitalization project" for employees of the PTC Division and its group companies.
The project held three workshops/events, "SDGs x Lego® Workshop", "Social Studies Tour for Adults - Nagoya Port Container Terminal" and "SDGs Outside-in Workshop" participated by a total of 171 employees.