Employee Development

Basic Views

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group considers that the growth of its employees will lead to new customer value and the realization of sustainable growth for the Group, and we are proceeding with various initiatives for human resource development.
Starting with on-the-job training focused on management by objectives , we provide various training programs, such as "training by rank" and "specialized training" so that each employee can make steady growth in line with their own visions.

  • *OJT: On the Job Training (Providing employees appropriate tasks and opportunities for experience to acquire necessary knowledge and skills through actual work)

Management System

  • Group human resource meeting: Hold discussions on the development and assignment of management personnel within the Group
  • Business division's human resource development meeting: Hold discussions on the development and assignment of each business division's own personnel
  • Individual training plan: Created by superiors and subordinates working out the training plan through management by objectives interviews

SHI Group Human Resource Training Systems

Employee Development Systems/Programs

In accordance with the SHI Group Human Resource Policy, we are working to build a human resource management system that assigns the right people in the right places to maximize employees’ and organization’s performance and ensures a fair and convincing system of evaluation and treatment.
With employees in a wide variety of professions and ages, we provide opportunities for them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge through various rank-based and specialized training programs, while using on-the-job training focused on objective management as a base for employee development.

Career Development and Evaluation Process

In human resource meetings held by each business division, participants draw up plans for training individual employees based on future business targets and plans. At the same time, personnel meetings between superiors and subordinates in each workplace serve as an opportunity to work out training plans based on individual aptitudes, ambitions and life plans. The topics covered in these personnel meetings are shared at the human resource meetings at the business division level and reflected in employee rotation plans and plans to dispatch employees for training programs.

Stratified Employee Development

Employees are offered training opportunities to carefully think about their career plans for the future and improve their ability to solve problems and their communication abilities based on their rank. In recent years, we have concentrated in particular on training for the manager class and for foremen at manufacturing sites in a bid to enhance their management abilities while training personnel through helpful experiences at each worksite.

3-year introduction education

Every year for 3 years after joining the company, we provide various types of training to help employees acquire the skills required for their rank. This is an education system to develop employees to become "business professionals who can work independently on their own initiative" by their third year of joining the company. The education is based on a three-year guidance plan, with an emphasis on training employees through hands-on experience. Employees are required to write a paper by their third year and present it to the division leaders, senior and junior employees.
After the 3-year education, we also have various educational programs available for them that are designed to elicit their self-motivation and self-initiative through practical experiences.

Management training

We have established a business school that selects candidates for key management positions from each SHI Group company and conducts an intensive training program that lasts 1 - 2 years with the objective of training future management personnel. The school has 20 years of history and has produced many management personnel of the SHI Group. The school produces world-class business leaders by providing employees opportunities to learn the practical management basics through interactions with top-class personnel of other companies outside the school and encouraging them to apply the knowledge that they gained in their own business to build new strategies.

Specialized Employee Development

Beginning with technical training, we conduct level-based training for employees for acquiring an area of expertise required for specialized fields related to each functional division at the Head Office. We also offer self-development programs, such as TOEIC and correspondence courses that help employees improve their skills on their own time and at their own pace.

Expertise engineering education

This is an in-house education system designed to improve the technical skills of employees through engineering education.
There are "general courses", which are available to any employee and "selective courses" that are available only to selected employees.
The general courses have approximately 80 courses, which are divided into classroom lectures (lectures/e-learning) and practical lessons (experiments and measurements/practical training). These courses are mainly hands-on, practical courses in the fields of machinery/materials, electricity/electronics, control, software, information, and production engineering.
The selective courses are based on one-on-one learning for solving actual key issues of business divisions and are intended to improve the technical skills of employees and reflect their learned skills in the products.
Number of participants in expertise engineering education in FY2021: 1,229

Educational programs offered in collaboration with external organizations

We offer practical courses aimed at linking the learned knowledge with manufacturing. The "strength of materials laboratory - make it to break it" is a course in which employees instinctively learn the strength of materials by making and experimenting with styrofoam, which can be easily handled and processed, to "utilize the strength of materials in design". We actively introduce these courses* from external organizations.

  • *"CAE University", an education system offered by Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.

SHI Open College

In September 2021, we launched the “SHI Open College,” which allows employees to selectively attend courses based on their own job scope and career goals.
Number of participants in FY2021:934

Efforts of Business Divisions and SHI Group Companies for Employee Development

Each business division and SHI Group company undertakes various initiatives to address its own issues.

Power Transmission & Control Group / Project "MIRAI"

The leaders of each organization who have systematically learned the coaching technique promote dialogue within their organizations to create cross-departmental projects and business plans. Through this initiative, we are creating "organizational conditions that considers the future for sustainable business growth" and developing next-generation leaders to achieve it.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd. / DAIS Project

This is a project led by the next-generation leaders of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd. located in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture to make recommendations for addressing social issues that exist in the region, not just providing a case study, by getting cooperation not only from its own company but also from the government and other companies in the region.
The project received an award in the planning and HR section of the HR Award 2020 sponsored by "Nihon no Jinjibu (Japan's Human Resources Department)". The award was granted in recognition of not only the achievements in human resource development but also the secondary effects, such as business collaborations between participating companies and acquisition of I-turn human resources (those who move to a place other than their hometowns to get a job or change a job).