The most important management resource of the SHI Group is human resource. The SHI Group has established the "SHI Group Human Resource Policy" to codify the fundamental approach to all aspects of human resource management that we should always be conscious and act. Based on this policy, we are making efforts to create a vibrant workplace for every employee.

SHI Group Human Resource Policy

Organizational Climate
We will create an organization that respects the diverse personalities and potential of all individuals, and encourages good communication and open collaboration.
We will create a workplace that is vibrant, safe, secure and healthy.
We will recruit people who contribute to our business growth, resonating with The Sumitomo's Business Philosophy and the SHI Group's Business Principles.
We will assign the right people in the right places to maximize employee and organizational performance.
Talent Development
We will respect employees' will to grow themselves, and will also develop human resources through learning and practical opportunities.
Evaluation and Treatment
We will offer a fair and convincing system of evaluation and treatment, and process to boost employee motivation.