Message from the President

Sumitomo Heavy Industries was founded in 1888 (Meiji 21) as a machine shop when it started manufacturing and repairing machinery and tools used at the Besshi Cooper Mine. Since then, we have grown in line with the development of society and industry.
Today, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is a comprehensive machinery maker that manufactures goods ranging from general machinery and advanced precision machinery to construction machinery, ships, and environmental plant facilities. We utilize the spirit of "product making" that we have developed over the past 100 years to make advancements in various fields including nanotechnology and megastructures. In addition, through the use of precision technologies that "move and control", we are able to contribute to making society a more harmonious place to live in.
Under our management philosophy, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group has made it our corporate mission to become a manufacturer and provider of first-class products and services to the world. Our hope is that by providing high-quality products and solutions backed by tested technologies to customers worldwide, we can support society as well as its industrial foundation, and in turn make the lives of people easier.
As we continue on the path to achieve this goal, I look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

President and CEO
Shinji Shimomura