Cyclo® Drives for Motion Control

Perfect for applications such as robot articulations and the positioning of machine tools. Speed reducer of the low backlash, highly rigid component type Cyclo® Drives for Motion Control


Series FC-A, F2C-A series (compact type)
FC-T, F2C-T series (high reduction gear ratio type)
F2C-C, F4C-C series (large diameter hollow shaft type)
F4C-D series (high performance compact type)
Allowable peak torque 330N m-11,000N m
* It differs depending on the product series.
Reduction gear ratio 1/29-1/119
(1/81-1/171 for the FC-T, F2C-T series)
  1. 1Compactness

The elements are reduced to the minimum by using the Cyclo® drive structure. It is perfect for applications where space saving is required, such as robot articulations.

  1. 2High precision and high rigidity

Backlashless achieved with the Cyclo® drive structure. Moreover, the high rigidity of lost motion 0.5 min-1, 1.0 min-1 is made possible.

  1. 3Wide variations

Four types of variation are available.
Selections can be made according to the applications of our customers.

  1. 4Motor assembly

The servo motor installation type is also available for the F4C-D series (compatible with products by major servo motor manufacturers).
Installation is easy. Once the servo motor and reduction gears are directly connected, using a bolt (supplied by the customer), tighten the built in clamp bolt with a hexagonal wrench to secure the input shaft and the product is ready to use straightaway.

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