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Asphalt Paver that boasts Japan's top share

Higher paving quality, more environmentally friendly, smoother maneuverability, and greater safety. We refined everything with our clear vision based on our profound knowledge of paving, and incorporated the refinements into the machines.



  1. 1Next-generation work performance
  • Highly rigid new screed that enhances paving quality
  • Newly adopted power mold board
  • Improvement in the ability to approach dump trucks
  1. 2Next-generation environmental performance
  • Equipped with the new clean engine SPACE 5+
  • Complying with the 2011 exhaust gas regulations for designated special vehicles
  • The first ultra-low noise construction machine in the class
  1. 3Next generation operations and safety performance
  • Utilizes color monitors (driving seat and screed section)
  • Advanced NETIS V registration technology FMV setting (optional)
  • Supports CE safety standards
  1. 4Next-generation maintenance performance
  • Improvement in the durability of consumable parts
  • Incorporating G@Nav to control the machine remotely
  • Free inspection and after-sales service


The large machine featuring Japan's highest-class paving width of 9.0 meters was added to our lineup of products. Sumitomo's proprietary high-rigidity screed provides excellent paving quality and stable finishing.

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