Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robot as Sawyer, to support manufacturing worker

"Sawyer" is a collaborate raobot and has been developed by Rethink Robotics.Rethink Robotics is established by the director of MIT Computer Science and~iRobot Corp.Sawyer can be used without a fence, also without complaing.Sumitomo Heavy Industries is a distributor of Sawyer in Japan, as a partner of Rethink Robotics.

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Direct teaching

Learns the work only by teaching the points
You only need to directly move the arm and indicate the work points for Sawyer to learn the work.

Mounting Force sencer all axis

Protects manufacturing worker and safely works with the collision detection function
Sawyer comes with highly sensitive force sensing function and delicately acts by responding to even the slightest force. Each joint is mounted with a force sensor.

Easy programming

No special knowledge is required. You can provide instructions on complex work on the browser.
This doesn't require programming language, and even complex actions can be specified on a Google Chrome screen.

All in one

User-friendly and low cost all-inclusive package
One unit is mounted with all the necessary functions, including setting and operation. Sawyer will efficiently support the site by responding to a wide variety of work.

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