Activity Report

Sustainability Plus Products

Our group has been certifying "Environment-conscious Products" using our own evaluation method.
In FY2021, we changed the name from "Environment-conscious Products" to "Sustainability Plus Products" to improve product competitiveness and promote environmental performance (resource recycling, addressing global warming and environmental risks) and CSV* approaches.

  • *CSV stands for Creating Shared Value.

Assessment Criteria and Processes

We evaluate products based on the achievement in 11 items of environmental performance and social value, as well as consideration to any external awards, and certify products scoring 80 points or more as "Sustainability Plus Products" and 90 points or more as "Super-Sustainability Plus Products."
Currently, we are considering an additional item of "social value (reduction of rare elements, rare metals and conflict minerals)" and will provide sustainable products to further contribute to solving social issues.

Assessment criteria items
Environment Resource recycling 1. Resource conservation
2. Improved recycling at the time of disposal (easier sorting and disposal)
3. Extend the life of products
4. Packing/wrapping
5. Provision of information
6. Resource conservation measures at the time of use
Global warming 7. Energy saving measures at the time of use
Environmental risk 8. Environmental conservation
Other 9. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Society - 10. Safety
11. Labor saving

Product list

In FY2021, 25 models were certified as Sustainability Plus products, with 6 of them being certified as Super-Sustainability Plus products with a score of 90 points or higher.
Sustainability Plus products accounted for 26% of total Group sales.
For Sustainability Plus Products, we have developed EOL manuals and other documents for device disposal and provide them to customers in an effort to reduce environmental negative impact throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, construction machines such as hydraulic excavators and cranes are equipped with field-view monitors to improve the safety of those involved in the work. Our medical device development and production division conducts joint research with external organizations such as medical institutions and universities on treatment methods and medication.

List of products registered as Sustainability Plus Products (FY2021)
90% or more ◎, 70-90% 〇, 30-70% △, 30% or less ×
Segment Product name Registration classification Assessment criteria items
Environment Society
Resource recycling Combating climate change Environmental risk Safety/
labor saving
Mechatronics High-efficiency motor: IE3 motor (new model) Sustainability Plus Products
Industrial Machinery SEEV-A-HD(220-500t) Sustainability Plus Products
Forging servopress (FPS) Sustainability Plus Products
Thermal series of air conditioners Sustainability Plus Products
Eco Pulser bag filter dust collector Sustainability Plus Products
SAion-300 ion implantation devices Sustainability Plus Products
MC3-II/GP ion implantation devices Sustainability Plus Products
S-UHE 14 ion implantation devices Sustainability Plus Products
Rolls for Metal Rolling (SIP Ductile) Sustainability Plus Products ×
Logistics & Construction High-reach electric forklifts Super-Sustainability Plus Products ×
LEGEST hydraulic excavators Type 7 Super-Sustainability Plus Products
LEGEST hybrid hydraulic excavators Type HB7 Super-Sustainability Plus Products
Asphalt paver Type 10 Sustainability Plus Products
Energy & Lifelines CFB biomass boiler Super-Sustainability Plus Products
CFB compact biomass boiler(25t) Sustainability Plus Products
Evapolator Sustainability Plus Products
Electrostatic precipitator EP Super-Sustainability Plus Products
DWC vertically split distillation columns Sustainability Plus Products
Vertical screw-type dust remover(Spiral Cutter) Sustainability Plus Products
Sumijetter grit jet pump II Super-Sustainability Plus Products
Steam turbines (long-blade, high-efficiency model) Sustainability Plus Products
Steam turbines (with optimized reaction blade rows) Sustainability Plus Products
Functional tank Sustainability Plus Products
Agitator&tank Sustainability Plus Products
Multifunctional Extractor Sustainability Plus Products

External Certification / Third-Party Assurance

ISO14001 Certification

The SHI Group has been engaged in environmental activities under the SHI Group Environmental Policy, and has been working to obtain certification at each of its factories in Japan since 1998.
In 2018, we obtained unified certification as the SHI Group to unify environmental management operation rules and improve the efficiency of maintaining certification, and currently we have 43 sites that have received unified certification.All our affiliated companies in Japan that are not included in the unified certification have also acquired certification on an individual basis, and we are making every effort to ensure appropriate environmental management.
Similarly, our major overseas manufacturing factories began acquiring certification in 1998, and as of 2021, 21 sites had acquired certification.
Ratio of certified companies in the entire SHI Group (based on sales): 79.4%
Recognizing environmental activities as part of our business agenda, we will continue to promote group-wide activities in the future.

Third-Party Assurance for Environmental Load Data

To enhance the reliability of its environmental impact data, the SHI Group has obtained a third-party assurance from Bureau Veritas. In fiscal 2022, we expanded the Scope 1 and 2 data covered to include overseas data and added Scope 3.

Data covered: The following environmental data for the period from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022:
• Energy used by the Group due to business activities at its 31 sites in Japan and 42 overseas sites
• Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emissions from energy use)
• Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions (Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11)*

  1. *Calculated based on the Company’s rules

Capital investment related to environment and energy conservation

In FY2021, Japan and overseas capital investment related to the environment and energy conservation totaled 2.51 billion yen.
From the perspectives of improving energy efficiency, saving energy, and preventing environmental accidents, we are systematically and proactively introducing new technology to our equipment and updating aging equipment.

Amount of Capital Investment in FY2021
(Unit: Million yen)
Environment-related Energy conservation-related Total
Japan 470 1,808 2,278
Overseas 76 159 236
Total 547 1,967 2,513