Laser Systems

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Laser Systems

SHI entered the laser business in 1988. At that time, the adoption of lasers in industrial applications was limited, but we have contributed to the widespread use of lasers in industry by combining our proprietary optical handling technology and system design of machine manufacturers. Currently SHI became a laser systems integrator capable of adopting a wide range of light sources such as femtosecond laser and Excimer laser in addition to fiber laser systems for metal welding and cutting, annealing systems for semiconductors and laser drilling systems for printed circuit boards to meet customer's demands.

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Laser Systems

Fiber Lasers
SHI handles various fiber lasers, mainly fiber lasters manufactured by SPI, UK. SHI will make proposals according to customer's request from supply of single laser to dedicated systems.
Other light source
femtosecond lasers, Excimer lasers, etc.

Laser Annelaing

It is the world's best sales performance in laser annealing equipment for power semiconductors. *Three types of light sources can be selected depending on the material of the wafer. From R & D applications to mass production, SHI has a wealth of lineups.

  • *An internal investigation in 2017

Laser Drills

It is a high speed laser drilling machine equipped with original twin Galvano. SHI offers high productivity corresponding to a wide range of processing from package board to HDI board. It is a next generation CO2 laser drilling machine that meets various processing conditions for various substrate materials and achieves high quality processing.

Product lines

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