SHI Cryopumps conserve energy through their multi-pump operation, stable performance and reduced downtime.

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Notes on Cryopumps

Cryopumps are a type of vacuum pump. They are categorized into two types: gas transporting and gas accumulating. Additionally, they are classified into low, medium, high, and ultra-high vacuum, based on their operating pressure.

Low to medium vacuum pumps include oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps or dry pumps. High to ultra-high vacuum pumps include Turbo-molecular pumps, Cryopumps, Sputter Ion pumps and oil Diffusion pumps.

SHI Cryopumps share the following characteristics:

  • Fast discharge rate (particularly for hydrogen and water vapor)
  • Maximum discharge flow rate (throughput) is high even though they are gas accumulating pumps.
  • Completely oil-free vacuum can be obtained
  • Periodic discharging of accumulated gas (regeneration) is required
  • Accumulation / trapping and discharges of chemical gases (including oxygen and ozone) are not perimitted with SHI Cryopumps.
  • H2O is condensed on the 1st stage panel and shield that is precisely controlled to operate at a specified temperature (either at 80K or 100K depending on the process application)
  • Ar and N2 are condensed on the 2nd stage panel operating in the 8 to 12K range
  • H2, Ne, and He are absorbed into the charcoal on the 2nd stage panel operating in the 8 to 12K range for PVD application and slightly higher temperature ror Ion Implant Application.

The SHI Cryogenics Group sells two brands of cryopumps: SICERA® and Marathon® CP.


SICERA® stands for Sumitomo Inverter-integrated Cryopump with Energy Reduction Advantage. These pumps feature:

  1. 1Multi-pump operation for individualized control (up to eleven 8-inch pumps with a single compressor)
  2. 2Cryocoolers with a proven record of reliability
  3. 3High energy savings

    (SICERA offers 40% energy reduction compared with our conventional products, from 10.3kW to 6.1kW with 8-inch pumps.)*

    * For reference only. May vary based on conditions of use.

  4. 4Ar gas accumulation capacity

    SICERA doubles the volume compared with our conventional products, from 1000 liters to 2000 liters with 8-inch pumps.


Marathon® CP Cryopumps, produced by Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc., feature:

  1. 1Unique panel designs
  2. 2High hydrogen capacity
  3. 3Long regeneration interval combined with short regenerating time
  4. 4Wide range of sizes from 8 to 20 inches (200 to 500 mm) to support a variety of applications
  5. 5In-Situ service of Cryocoolers (Coldhead) of the Cryopump is a very unique feature that will permit servicing the Cryocooler (Coldhead) without removing the Cryopump from the chamber. No need to break chamber vacuum condition.

The global network

To support customers around the world, we have developed global sales, service and manufacturing networks that strive to provide uniform quality and performance.

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