Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

The SHI Group proposes new food processing technology to secure food safety and peace of mind.

Izumi Food Machinery Co., Ltd., has been catering to food industry, as well as pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries by contributing to the making of a broad range of high quality products, based on sanitary technologies, extraction technologies, emulsifying technologies, disinfecting and sterilizing technologies, as well as system engineering.

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Principal food manufacturing facilities

  • Various beverages

    Fruit juice beverages, tea beverages, coffee beverages, carbonated beverages, isotonic drinks, mineral water.

  • Dairy products and frozen desserts

    Market milk, fermented milk, ice cream, yoghurt.

  • Seasoning and brewed products

    Soy sauce, soup stocks, sauces, salad dressings, refined sake wine, alcoholic beverages.

  • Pharmaceutical and health beverages

    Medical drinks, aojiru beverages, herbal medicine, soy milk.

Latest and most functional general facilities are offered, with such core products as highly functional tanks, emulsifiers and homogenizers, sanitizer, ice cream manufacturing machinery and other high performance equipment.

Multipurpose extractors

The SHI Group's multipurpose extractors are able to handle various extracting methods, with a diverse range of methods used for batch extractions, including immersion, semi-immersion, drip and pressurized extraction. The facilities have at their core a multipurpose extractor, which is packaged with incidental equipment for purposes ranging from supplying raw materials to discharging scraps.


Coffee, black tea, oolong tea, barley tea, blended tea, green tea, soup stock, herbal medicine, various extract seasonings, etc.

Powder suctioning and liquefying equipment: DAMAnizer

The difficult tasks of liquefying and dispersing powder, and dealing with thickeners and nanoparticles are made simple!
Unprecedented liquefication is achieved in suctioning, de-aerating, and negative pressure mixing of powder.

Processor for cooking: Dynamixer Processor

This is a processor comprised of crashing rotors at the bottom of a cylindrical tank and scraper blades that scrape along wall surfaces. As rotors rotate at high speeds, vegetables and fruits, as well as blocks of curry roux and chocolate are crushed. Liquid derived after crushing is uniformly mixed and agitated, while the processor cooks or cools the contents, performing such batch process all in a single unit.
Even though it is made of a cylindrical tank, the scraping blades that rotate in the countering direction to the crushing rotors create the baffle effect, ensuring that liquid does not flow in whirls when homogeneously mixing, agitating, cooking or cooling, as seen in juice blenders for home use. The scraping blades also prevent burning that could occur while cooking.

Disinfector and sterilizer: NT model plate-type heat exchanger
Game changing new concept NT model plate-type heat exchanger

The product adopts a wave form (Opti Wave = optimum waveform) with varying shapes on the left and right side of the plate heating surfaces, to vary pressure losses on the left and right flow channels, to unify the liquid flow rate on the overall span of the heating surface, and extend the operating time and shorten cleansing time.

*Heat exchange plate NT model is a product of GEA ECOFLEX.

Tube type heat exchanger NTA model series

These are high heat transmission efficiency and highly pressure resistant single path type units, which can handle a wide range of products. It is possible to handle products that have a tendency to burn on, over long hours of operation.

Product lines

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