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The SHI Group's bestselling and strongest magnetic separator FINE MAG

The SHI Group's Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. confidently proposes a magnetic separator for high filtering performance, strong wringing performance and long life. The SHI Group's bestselling, and strongest magnetic separator: "FINE MAG"


  1. 1High filtering accuracy

FINE MAG is not merely a result of enhancing magnets, but it has been designed to have a supremely efficient filtering structure, based on detailed analysis conducted on the intensities and acting directions of magnetic flux lines. It is therefore possible to achieve a high degree of filtering accuracy, and reduce the frequency of tank cleaning or fluid replacement, thereby reducing both cost and labor.

  1. 2Strong wringing performance

The specially hardened magnet drum surfaces of FINE MAG do not scratch easily and sustain a strong wringing performance for a long period of time due to the combination with the forced driven wringing roller. This prevents coolants from being taken out and contributes towards beautification of the manufacturing plant environment.

  1. 3Long life

Since the specially hardened magnet drum of FINE MAG does not scratch easily, deterioration of scraper plates and rubber rollers is reduced. The product has a long life and retains its initial performance over a long period of time.

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