Distillation and Extraction Plant

For the vFuture of global environment,with distillation and extraction technologies.

Towards chemical industries, we contribute with our distillation and extraction technologies in all phases such as basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. (EPC business)
Also as the key component of distillation technologies, we supply our "SFLOW", structured packing, and our several decades experience substantiates quality of structured packings and our capability on distillation field.



Generally, trays, random packing or structured packing is adopted for the distillation column component,
We mainly deal with SFLOW, structured packing, due to its superior feature that high efficiency, extra-low pressure drop and easily scale-up methods, but of course we also propose optimized system for distillation plant with combination and/or choice of trays, random packing and structured packing.
Furthermore, related with not only component but also system, we develop our technologies on distillation, especially Divided Wall Column (DWC).
We developed our original DWC and named it "Column in Column", which contributes reduction of initial and running cost for multicomponent distillation. Recently we highlight this distillation system business and are increasing our delivery experiences.


Liquid-liquid extraction is another separation technology than distillation, and one of its superior features is no demand of heat energy.
"Reciprocating Plate Type Extractor" moves up and down the perforated plates stacked in multiple layers, to disperse process liquid and solvent efficiently. Efficient dispersion expands the total surface area of droplet and draws droplet retention time in the column, eventually leads the efficient chemical extraction process.
"Reciprocating Plate Type Extractor" has its own outstanding feature, furthermore combination or integration with distillation system expedites its capability and leads high purification, system of metal separation and solvent recovery system with less-energy and high efficiency.

Structured Packing SFLOW
Reciprocating Plate Type Extractor
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Distillation and Extraction Plant