Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

Contributing to the global environment  by utilizing multi-use fuels.

Electric power plants, with circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler as the core facility, are capable of generating electricity and steam from multi-use fuels, such as biomass fuels and waste material fuels, from which highly efficient uses had been difficult to achieve in the past.

The SHI Group offers proposals for total plant systems that satisfy the requirements of our customers, such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions through the utilization of non-fossil fuels or reducing costs through the highly efficient use of low cost fuels, etc.


  1. 1Support of multiple fuels

Not only low grade coals, which are incombustible, but also other diverse range of non-fossil fuels (wood base biomasses, scrap tires, scrap plastics, sludge, etc.), which had been difficult to utilize in the past, can also be used as they are combusted inside actively flowing sands maintained at high temperatures.

  1. 2Multi fuel combustion technology

The SHI Group has a track record of using up to five types of fuels, while capably delivering energy in a stable manner. The Group uses reliable transport systems and plant control technologies, even under mixed fuel burning conditions where multiple types of fuels are used.

  1. 3High efficiency

A high combustion efficiency is attained without pulverization, even when incombustible fuels are used, such as those with a high moisture or high ash content.
Furthermore, it is possible to adopt high temperature and high pressure steam conditions in order to gain a higher electric power generating efficiency by incorporating inhibiting measures against problems for utilizing non-fossil fuels, such as problems relating to corrosion or the adhesion of ash in the flue.

  1. 4Reliability

Our reputation for reliability has been validated through our boilers for industrial purposes (steam quantities of 25 to 300 tons per hour) to boilers for electric power generation (500 tons per hour).
The SHI Group delivers total plant systems, encompassing the reception, storage and supply of fuel to ash treatments.

  1. 5Maintenance

Our designs are based on our delivery record and after sales service experience of more than 20 years for CFB boilers. Furthermore, our technical alliance partner, Foster Wheeler, of the United States, has ample experience, delivering more than 400 boilers around the world, making it possible to draw on such experiences to incorporate the latest know-how in our proposals for highly reliable facilities.

  1. 6Environmental performance

These facilities contribute towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions using non-fossil fuels.
There is no need to establish an exhaust gas treatment facility, since sulfur oxides (SOX), as well as nitrogen oxides (NOX), which are air pollutants, are reduced by desulfurization inside the highly efficient furnace by spraying limestone, utilizing a low-temperature two-step combustion, and by spraying urea solution.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. completed the acquisition of Amec Foster Wheeler�fs Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler Business on June 23, 2017 and it started business as a new global CFB company, Sumitomo SHI FW.
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