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▌ Basic Principles

1. Top priority is placed on safety and compliance. A company that ignores the law and human safety cannot provide good quality products and services.
2. Customer-oriented activities are the key to business survival and growth.
We recognize that customer satisfaction and continuous business growth come from quickly identifying what customers think and want, and then consistently providing products and services that meet those demands.

▌ Basic Policy

  1. Provide highly reliable products and services by viewing customer opinions as valuable assets and linking them to improvement activities, and maximizing the use of practical technologies.
  2. Recognize the fact that quality defects are the result of complicated interacting forces, and always seek to identify and eradicate the true cause of problems.
  3. Have each department set quality targets and continually strive to make improvements via the PDCA cycle as a part of daily process improvement activities.
  4. Review operations at suitable stages and link that to maintaining and improving the quality management system so that it works efficiently and effectively.

Apr 1, 2022
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern, Ltd.
Yukio Kurokawa, President

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Quality Policy

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