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The Auto Air Ring automatically corrects variations in film thickness by controlling the temperature of heated air supplied to units located circumferentially around the blown film and blowing the controlled air from those units. It works with films of high BUR.

▌ Absolutely No Impact on Shape or Quality

Even after thickness correction, the amount of bubble resin and air flow on the circumference remain constant, so the bubble retains its shape and film does not incur sagging or other issues, thus operators enjoy stable forming.

▌ Reduced Production Costs

Because of the improved thickness accuracy, films can have a smaller average thickness. Moreover, the improved thickness accuracy translates into reduced scrap loss in downstream processes, such as printing, etc.

▌ Simple Structure, Easy Operation

The Auto Air Ring has a simple structure with no mechanical movement, thus is highly durable. Should a heater disconnection occur, it can be easily replaced from the outside. Moreover, it does not require any adjustments, is easy to operate and needs hardly any maintenance.

▌ Low Cost Retrofitting on Existing Lines

The Auto Air Ring can be easily retrofitted to existing production lines, making its introduction costs less than other types of systems.

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