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Thermal insulation in the Energy-saving Extruders minimize heat loss lowering the power consumption to maintain resin temperature and air conditioning requirement.
Therefore contributes to energy cost saving for a more efficient extrusion coating and blown film production. It also has better cooling efficiency compare to normal extruder when the power is off.

▌ Wide lineup

Our new lineup features 16 machines with outputs from 40 to 1,040 kg/h.

Type E  Output: LDPE MFR=7
Model Output (kg/h)
E-40 40
E-50 70
E-55 110
E-65 130
E-75 210
E-90 310
E-115 500
E-135 730
Type DEL  Output: LLDPE MFR=1
Model Output (kg/h)
DEL-40 75
DEL-50 130
DEL-55 190
DEL-65 230
DEL-75 330
DEL-90 510
DEL-115 770
DEL-135 1,040
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Energy-saving Extruder
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