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Feedback control system

Preset Mode for high reproducibility
(Upper graph: Film thickness / Lower graph: Pneumatic output)

The Smart Flipper is a new automatic thickness correcting T-die for extusion coating line and cast film/sheet production line that brings together our extensive know-how and high level control technology.
Its epoch-making performance not seen in earlier T-dies can greatly improve productivity for any user.

▌ High Responsiveness

A pneumatic-driven lip adjusting mechanism instantly responds to thickness correction commands, drastically shortening the time normally required for corrections.

▌ Stability

Because the pneumatic drive does not affect the heat environment, thickness can be stably maintained at all times.

▌ High Reproducibility

Unaffected by external factors, the Smart Flipper delivers high reproducibility. And, owing to a memory for holding preset production parameters, mass-production can be speedily launched no matter what the parameters.

▌ High Accuracy

High performance is demonstrated in molding of strongly heat-dependent resins and profiles that require a high degree of precision.

▌ Low Energy Demand, Low Cost

The Smart Flipper runs on an air source of 0.7 MPa and air loss is extremely low, making it an economical tool for efficient production.

▌ Clean

The Smart Flipper does not require any working fluids and helps users to keep the production environment clean and healthy.

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