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▌ From Key Components To Entire Lines

At Sumitomo, we make all of our products in-house from the key individual components like screws, dies and adapters to entire extrusion coating, casting and blown lines.
This manufacturing breadth gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with the production systems they need to stably produce high-quality plastic films.

▌ Extrusion Coating Line

Wide lineup of single, tandem and co-extrusion lines for flexible packaging materials, laminated tubes, release paper, liquid containers and interior materials.

▌ Cast Film Line

This line casts film 0.1 mm thick or less. Designed and built for high precision and high speed, it gives operators an effective means for producing high quality film products.

▌ Sheet Line

This line forms sheets 0.1 mm thick or more. It can be used for a wide range of applications from food containers to sealed sheet for medical supplies, optical devices and hi-tech products.

▌ Blown Film Line

This line forms films by blowing air to elongate resins extruded from a ring die. It can make protective film, masking film, agricultural film, heavy-duty bags, infusion bags and more. Various models are available to meet application purposes.

▌ Recycling System

Systems customized to match customer production environments via trimming and inline recycling.

▌ MBS Screw

Developed by Sumitomo, this barrier screw features a high output rate and low heat generation.

▌ Energy-saving Extruder

Built to retain heat and cool efficiently. Greatly reduces power consumption.

▌ Combining Adapter

This combining adapter enables multi-layer forming when used in conjunction with a single-later T-die. It is an excellent choice for small lot production of differing products.

▌ Smart Flipper  Automated Thickness Control T-die

The Smart Flipper is a new automatic thickness control T-die for laminated film and cast film production that brings together our extensive know-how and high level control technology.

▌ Smart Chamber  Complete Closure Type Chamber System

An epoch-making performance for prime coater.

▌ Hybrid Air Ring

The Hybrid Air Ring automatically adjusts film thickness by controlling the air temperature and air volume independently.

▌ Auto Air Ring

The Auto Air Ring automatically adjusts film thickness by controlling air blow temperature.

▌ MACS-WinComputer Control System

The MACS-Win computer control system offers excellent visibility and operability.

▌ Aerogen Flame Treatment Processor

Aerogen's flame treatment processor improves the surface and adhesive strength of laminated products in converting operations with a laminator.

Product Concept / Lineup
Extrusion Coating Line
Cast Film Line
Sheet Line
Blown Film Line
Recycling System
MBS Screw
Energy-saving Extruder
Combining Adapter
Smart Flipper
Smart Chamber
Hybrid Air Ring
Auto Air Ring
Aerogen's Flame Treatment Processor

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