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FPX Series

About the FPX series

This dual-point press type forging press pursues high precision and high productivity, and uses long guide slides made of cast steel.

Frame The frame of this press is welded with cast steel and steel plate at high load parts of the crown and bed, and features high-strength connecting-rod with compressive stress.
Slide To sustain high eccentric loads, wide dual-point type connecting -rod and cast steel long guide slide are used. An X slide guide that is not affected by thermal expansion is also used to minimize clearances between slide guides.
Drive system Since the system comprises a flywheel suspended on the main sleeve, it reduces the burden on the main bush of the eccentric shaft and prevents the risk of heat generation.
Shut height adjustment The slide is designed to operate remotely by oscillating the eccentric wrist pin through the hydraulic cylinder (our new practice). The adjustment amount is displayed on the digital display of the operation panel.
Clutch / brake In order to improve maintainability, modular lining is used for the clutch/brake.
Technical Specification of Sumitomo Forging Press (PDF File) Sumitomo Forging Press Series Introduction

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