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Hydraulic Presses (thermoforming CFRP, hot forging/cold forging, curved plate processes)

HCF-800 (for thermoforming CFRP)

1 Excellent energy saving
The oil hydraulic pump is driven by a private server motor to control the operation of the actuator.
The motor only runs when necessary.
2 Improve product dimensional accuracy
The X slide gib assembly controls the parallelism back pressure of sliding.
Components are not easily affected by heat, thereby thickness can be controlled with high precision.
3 Flexible pressurization setting
It can use a cylinder that can switch between high and low speeds; positive pressure drop can be controlled through the servo pump.
Manufacturing can be controlled according to the properties of the high-performance resin.
4 High-usability operation
Multiple motions can be set on the touch panel. The set motion is able to perform self-check (with automatic alarm function).

HCF-1400 (for cold forging)

1 Excellent energy saving
Servo motor-driven oil hydraulic pump control (servo valve and ACC are not required)
Dedicated pump for each actuator (6 in total).
When necessary, only the pumps that are needed will be activated (non-operated pumps can be operated together at high speed as required).
2 Improve product dimensional accuracy
Consisting of 3 independent slides. Each process has an independent slide (1, 2, 3 processes).
Each process is configured with eccentric load slide tilt control.
3 Flexible pressurization setting
Primary-secondary cylinders (2 processes).
Speed: Cylinder structure enabling switching between different loads
Mode 1: Secondary cylinder pressurization only ... High-speed motion, low pressurization
Mode 2: Primary cylinder pressurization only ... Medium-speed motion, medium pressurization
Mode 3: Primary and secondary cylinders pressurization ... High pressurization
4 High-usability operation
Separable oil hydraulic components. A set of oil pressure devices is installed on the upper end of the main body of the press.
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