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Magnets for Finished Products


For steel plates

For the steel plate handling, we roughly categorized our products into 4 types; Square-shaped magnetic poles (type B), C-shaped magnetic poles (type C) that is suitable for transporting a large quantity of steel plates at once, E-shaped magnetic poles (type E) that is suitable for transporting one or several steel plates, and permanent magnet (our product name is “Super Magnet”) that transports only one steel plate but totally fail safe against power failure as it is permanent magnet. In addition, there are polarity-shifting multi-poles (type MA) that enables operator to control the magnetic flux by converting N poles and S poles freely so as to control the number of steel plates to handle.

For Steel Bars

The Lifting Magnets can also handle finished steel rods. Hot steel rods which is just rolled out are also possible to be handled by our lifting magnet.

For Steel Pipes

We produce the suitable Lifting Magnets to handle all kinds of steel pipes such as round steel pipes, triangular steel pipes, large-diameter finished products and etc.

For Structural Steels

Lifting Magnets for all kinds of finished structural steel products are available.

For Steel Coils

Our products contribute to save your space in the steel coils warehouse.

Lifting Magnets for Up-end Coil
Lifting Magnets for Down-end Coil

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