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Ultrahigh Pressure Generator

Sumitomo Heavy Industries integrates years of experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds of presses with servo control technology to provide the most suitable ultrahigh pressure generator based on customer needs.

Ultrahigh pressure generator: UHP-6000

Model UHP-6000
Pressurization capacity 60,000kN
Pressurization method Single-axis, six-part pressurization guide block
Designed pressure 65MPa
Frame structure Picture frame stacked

Ultrahigh pressure generator: 6UHP-70

Pressurization method 6-axis independent pressurization method, hybrid cylinder (oil hydraulic + servomotor driven)
Pressurization axis 6-axis independent servo control
Pressurization capacity 6,500 kN/1 axis
Pressurization method 6-axis independent pressurization
Designed pressure 65MPa
Micro displacement control device 1,000kN / 1 axis, servo motor driven
Frame structure Tie rod kiln-baked frame
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