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Synchrotron Radiation Source (SR ring)

Synchrotron radiation (SR) is light radiated tangentially when high energy electrons are bent by a magnetic field. SR is widely employed in many fields such as physical property research, micromachining, and biomedical research. In 1989, Sumitomo Heavy Industries developed the world's smallest SR light source named AURORA, followed by the compact and economical SR light source AURORA-2D for experiments and research. We also developed a 150 MeV racetrack microtron as a compact electron injector of AURORA.


1 Economic SR light source
Equipment costs, operating costs and maintenance costs are greatly reduced by adopting compact synchrotron design using two 180 degree normal conducting bending magnets.
2 Thin shield wall
With some local shield around the linear part of the ring, a building wall thickness of 30 cm is sufficient for radiation shielding.
3 Microtron for injection
Since it is smaller than electron linac, it can be installed in a small space.
4 Downsizing with normal conducting magnets
We have succeeded in downsizing by developing a normal-conducting electromagnet with a magnetic field (2.7 Tesla) that is about twice as strong as a normal magnetic field.

Undulator add-on
There are two linear sections for installing insertion devices.

Wiggler add-on
A superconducting wiggler with a built-in helium cryocooler can be installed in the linear sections.


Item Specifications
Electron energy 700 MeV
Accumulated current 300 mA
Magnetic field strength 2.7 Tesla
Critical wavelength 1.42nm
Maximum number of beam ports 20
Injection energy 150 MeV


This racetrack microtron was developed based on the accelerator technology we have cultivated over the years. The 150MeV microtron, developed as an injector of AURORA, is one of the world's highest energy racetrack type accelerator to date. Microtrons have many unique features not seen on other accelerators. In addition to medicine and physics, they have extensive applications in industrial fields.


Item Model
RM1001 RM1501 RM2001
Energy 100MeV 150MeV 200MeV
Energy divergence ±0.15% ±0.1% ±0.07%
Horizontal emittance 1.1πmm·mrad 0.6πmm·mrad 0.4πmm·mrad
Vertical emittance 0.8πmm·mrad 0.4πmm·mrad 0.3πmm·mrad
Width of beam pulse 0.5-4.0µsec
Maximum repetition rate 180Hz

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