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BNCT System NeuCure®


Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has developed NeuCure®, a BNCT treatment system that can be installed in hospitals, by utilizing its technology and experience in medical accelerators.

Features of NeuCure®

Cyclotron accelerator suitable for hospital use

Stable operation is important for the medical devices to be used in the hospitals. The cyclotron, which has been used for more than 200 PET drug synthesis systems and proton therapy systems in the hospitals, is used as the proton accelerator.

Beryllium target for safe generation of stable neutron beams

The target produces a neutron beam using the proton beam produced by the accelerator. In order to accurately irradiate a patient with a neutron beam, a target that can stably produce neutrons is necessary. The beryllium material and spiral cooling mechanism safely produce a stable neutron beam.

Preparation rooms and patient transport systems that focus on the safety of medical personnel

Since BNCT irradiates a neutron beam, the treatment room becomes radioactive and the exposure of medical personnel is an issue. Patient fixation and positioning, which are time-consuming, are performed in the preparation room adjacent to the treatment room, and the patient transfer system automatically moves the patient from the preparation room to the treatment room, thereby reducing the exposure of medical personnel.

Patient positioning system that can be used for various treatment areas

In BNCT, the position and direction of neutron irradiation are fixed, so it is necessary to select an optimal body position depending on the area to be treated. The patient positioning system supports not only the supine position, but also the seated and standing positions, making it possible to select the optimal position.

Accuracy-validated treatment planning system

BNCT treatment planning requires highly accurate calculation of the complex reactions of neutrons with various substances that make up the human body in addition to boron. The NeuCure® Dose Engine, which is responsible for dose calculation in the treatment planning system, has been validated in combination with the NeuCure® BNCT system for calculation accuracy. Raysearch's Raystation is used as the user interface of the treatment planning system.

NeuCure® BNCT System (Movie)

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