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FPZ Series

About the FPZ series

The FPZ series is a new-generation press guided by brand new concepts in combination with the latest technology expanding the functions of Sumitomo's FPX/FPR series. Built on the existing high-rigidity frame, this series is configured with wet type clutch and brakes and planetary reducers on both left and right sides to achieve high forging energy. In addition to increasing product accuracy, it also enhances productivity and maintainability for customers.

Balance With the flywheels, wet type clutch and brakes and planetary reducers configured on the left and right sides of the press, and the motor on the upper end of the crown, optimized weight balance and a stable exterior are achieved.
New structure A transmission shaft that combines a wet type clutch and brake and a planetary reducer is configured inside the eccentric shaft. Compared with the simple structure of previous single shaft models, the eccentric shaft reduces vibration by increasing rigidity. [Patented]
Shut height adjustment The simple structure and highly adjustable precision and response contribute to product thickness and precision improvement during forging. [Patented]
X slide gib The FPX series inherited the X slide guide which has been proven through years of experience to excel in heat compensation. The clearances of the slide gibs are very small, close(0.2 – 0.3 mm), which helps to improve product accuracy by reducing product deviation
Stable operation Operability and maintainability are improved with hydraulic BKO. Furthermore, with a servo hydraulic BKO (optional specification), it can control the position and speed of the BKO, resulting in more stable product knock out and transportation.
Maintenance By separately configuring the wet type clutch circuit brake and planetary reducer developed in-house, parts and components can be individually disassembled, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload compared to the previous model (FPR).
Technical Specification of Sumitomo Forging Press (PDF File) FPZ Series Leaflet

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