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Maintenance & Support

It’s all aimed for customer satisfaction.
Our maintenance support will solve customers’ problems.
Our unique technology will improve the productivity of presses.

Solving customers’ “problems”

Diagnostic equipment

Example: Diagnosing the tie rod to prevent unforeseen malfunction
As the press ages, attention should be paid to the functional integrity of the tie rod!
  • Diagnose whether the tie rod is functionally sound!
  • Based on the result, we recommend replacing it with a tie rod with better safety!

Function recovery!

Example: Recovery with optimal design and increasing service life
The frame is damaged, and I would like to re-do it!
  • Perform application analysis on the damaged parts, propose the best frame plan and manufacture it!

Functional improvement!

Example:Replacing lining to extend service life and reduce maintenance
Clutch and brake lining have a shorter service life!
  • It is recommended to replace it with modular linings to improve heat release!

Adding Features!

Example: Adding the latest automation device to improve productivity and save labor
Manual presses won’t improve productivity!
  • It is recommended to install a front-rear split type 10-axis servo transferring device(i-Tr@ansfer®)
Introduction of Maintenance Support and New Technology

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