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LINAC as injector for carbon ion therapy

In a linear accelerator (linac) high frequency electric field accelerates the charged particles travelling axial direction.

Alverez linac

Alvarez linac often serves as an injector for the ion synchrotron. The photo shows the the Alvarez linear accelerator of National Institute of Radiological Science (NIRS) in Japan, as an injector of heavy ion synchrotrons. It can accelerate heavy ions to 6MeV/u.

RFQ linac

The high-frequency quadrupole linac is used to accelerate low energy ions. The photo shows the RFQ linac of NIRS.

Compact ion linac

Based on joint research with NIRS, Sumitomo Heavy Industries developed a compact linac for same usage. It is significantly smaller than the previous model (less than 1/2 in the total length), and it needs less RF power. The compact linacs (RFQ linac and APF-IH linac) are shown in the following figure.


  Total length Power consumption Total length Power consumption
Compact model (new) 2.4m 120kW 3.4m 340kW
Previous model 7.3m 190kW 23.9m 2760kW

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