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Magnets for Semi-Finished Products

Our lifting magnets with a broad range of applications are designed for semi-finished products such as slabs, billets and blooms.


For Slabs

We design the suitable magnets for slabs in consideration of the unevenness of the slab edges and surface scarfing, etc. The best magnet pole designed for slab handling is generally square-shaped magnetic poles (type B) or concentric circular-shaped magnetic poles (type A).

Lifting Magnets for Slab Handling

For Billets

Lifting magnet is widely used for the lifting and transporting various products such as ingot and billet. Generally, almost all billets have uneven surface, which causes air gap between slab and magnet surface and thus, weaken magnetic force.
Those products with uneven surface can be effectively handled by magnetic pole type C, magnetic pole type E and movable magnetic poles (type CM, EM). In addition, we can also provide suitable magnet for those slabs with normal temperature, high temperature and ultrahigh temperature up to 600 degrees.

Lifting Magnets for High-temperature Billet

For Blooms

We can manufacture the most suitable lifting magnets for high-temperature bloom. The size of magnets will be designed based on the shapes of the blooms.

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