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Mechanical Components

Mechanical Components

With our craftsmanship cultivated over the years, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, as a comprehensive machinery manufacturer, provides customers with Mechanical Components exhibiting excellent performance and functions in extreme space environments.

Special drive mechanisms

Sample collection device
Sample collection device of asteroid probes "Hayabusa” and “Hayabusa 2"

Filter switching mechanisms for infrared observation devices

Camera filter wheel mechanism of the Venus probe "Akatsuki" IR2

Pressure systems, fluid control systems

Liquid cooling system
Cooling system of the Superconducting Sub-Millimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder "SMILES" (equipped on the International Space Station)

Structural panels for machines

Honeycomb sandwich panel structure
Planetary Spectroscopy Satellite "Hisaki" Mission Department


Infrared CCD readout electronics on the Venus probe "Akatsuki" (PLANET-C)

Magnetometer (MGF) on the Geospace Exploration Satellite "Arase"

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