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Jun 11, 2021SHI Launches Innovative Solution for Metal Isotope Production

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) is pleased to launch an innovative solution for the production of metal isotopes.
The combination of a newly developed solid target, liquid transfer technology, and a multipurpose purification system (STM-MPP200) provides nuclear medicine professionals with easier access to theranostics than ever before. The unique feature of this system is that the target material is dissolved near the irradiation port on the cyclotron and transferred as a liquid to the multipurpose purification system (STM-MPP200) in the hot cell automatically and safely. This system enables the production of three major metal isotopes: 68Ga, 64Cu, and 89Zr.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries is committed to contributing to the development of nuclear medicine in cooperation with our customers.
SHI Launches Innovative Solution for Metal Isotope Production


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