MCM (Minimum Clamping Molding)

Evolved MCM via a high precision clamping mechanism
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The SE-EV Series incorporates a linear guide support for the moving platen, a highly rigid frame and a high precision nozzle touch feature. Together, they improve precision at low clamp force in the form of clamping accuracy, clamp force balance, planarity and surface pressure. As a result, molding is stable even at extremely low clamp force.

Good surface pressure balance at low clamp force

With earlier machines, more than the necessary clamp force was needed to balance the surface pressure applied to the mold. The SE-EV Series incorporates a new feature that balances this surface pressure even at low clamp force.

Comparison of surface pressure distribution (at nozzle touch mode) Distributions of clamp force are measured by pressuremeasurement film.

Clamp force feedback

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Capability of following clamp force

A new mold clamping mechanism improves the accuracy of clamp force detection. Because the actually measured clamp force is feed back to the machine, molding can be done at a stable clamp force without being affected by the thermal expansion of the mold. Furthermore, clamp force is kept at a more stable level than was possible with earlier machines, even when working at low clamp force.

Low vibrations in high cycle molding

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Comparison of minimum mold open / close time

Machine vibrations are greatly dampened even in high cycle molding, owing not only to the direct drive system but also a high precision platen support, a highly rigid frame and a servocontroller with a new algorithm.