Imagine no defects, loss or faults.

Imagine no defects, loss or faults.

MCM (Minimum Clamping Molding)

MCM (Minimum Clamping Molding) uses means for detecting the minimum clamp force so as to enable molding at a low clamp force.
Because clamp force is not applied beyond what is necessary, the benefits are far-reaching : reduced defects caused by gas, longer mold maintenance cycles, less damage to mold parts and reduced power consumption.

(Minimum Clamping Molding)

FFC (Flow Front Control)

FFC (Flow Front Control) optimizes flow control. This is made possible by ISC (Intelligent Servo Control) with a direct drive system at its core. Besides eliminating burrs and short shots, it markedly improves filling balance.

(Flow Front Control)

SPS (Simple Process Setting)

SPS (Simple Process Setting) gives top priority to operator operability, by adopting an operating system that allots a separate screen for each operation instead of setting up operations function by function as was done with earlier systems.
Because a series of operations are set up on a single screen, operation is simple and free of errors and overlooked settings.

(Simple Process Setting)

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