Distillation and Extraction Facilities

Distillation plant facilities

Future of global environment created by drawing fully upon distillation and extraction technologies

Facility plans are formulated in accordance with the various requirements of our customers and everything from basic to detailed design, procurement and fabrication, onsite construction work and trial operations, through to after sales service, are all performed in a consistent manner. Furthermore, regular fillers of SFLOW® from the SHI Group, which are a key component, as well as the class one pressure vessel, are all manufactured domestically by our manufacturing plants in Japan to ensure an infallible framework of quality and delivery timing.


Fillers in the distillation tower are comprised primarily of three types of fillers, namely tray, irregular fillers and regular fillers. The SHI Group's regular fillers use "SFLOW®" as the principal constituent, and optimal selections can be made by combining this with the tray and irregular fillers. Furthermore, a major feature of these facilities is that they are easily upgraded in scale and operate with low pressure losses. Refining with high quality and high purity is possible by combining the distributors and collectors for the efficient yet high level dispersion of treated liquid.

Separation and refining are performed for ordinary multicomponent distillations through the multiple layering of the distillation towers, where each time the number of such towers is increased, the number of utilities used also increases, resulting in a greater burden on customers both in terms of the initial cost, as well as the running costs. The SHI Group proposes the "Divided Wall Column" (DWC) as a solution for such issues. The product name given by the SHI Group is "SHI's Column in Column ®", the separation of three components is possible with a single tower through the installation of dividers inside the distillation tower.
Liquid-liquid extraction is intended to separate and recover the intended component by agitating in an efficient manner.
"Reciprocating Plate Type Extractor" moves up and down the porous plates stacked in multiple layers, driven by a motor to maximize the dispersion efficiency. The holding time of the minute drops is extended to recover the intended components in a highly efficient manner. Furthermore, it is also possible to refine to a high purity, separate precious metals and recover solvents in solutions by combining the operation with the distillation tower.

Regular filler: SHI's SFLOW®

Reciprocating Plate Type Extractor

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