Message from the President

With our foundation in the Sumitomo Business Spirit, we will go on providing "first-class products" and services that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

President and CEO Shunsuke Betsukawa

I would like to say thank you to all our stakeholders: Your longstanding support and understanding of our Group's corporate activity are greatly appreciated.

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group initiated the Medium-Term Management Plan 2016(FY2014-2016) in the previous fiscal year, so the plan is now in its second fiscal year.The business strategy of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2016 declares these objectives:

  • Steady growth for the purpose of creating the foundation for sustained growth
  • Return to higher levels of profitability
  • Persistent efforts for operational quality improvements

Our aim is to be a corporation that continues to provide "first-class products."

One of these persistent efforts for operational quality improvements is compliance.
As I understand compliance, it is not enough just to follow legal statutes, or to follow in-house regulations or social norms. I think compliance is responding to the societal demands that are in the background of those statutes, regulations, and norms. In the current fiscal year, therefore, we have defined the following thematic areas and are taking action accordingly:

  • Return to our starting point and engage seriously in initiatives to improve operational quality.
  • Engage in steady activity that mobilizes all our employees to act together in promoting improvement.

The societal demands faced by corporations, including the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group, are undergoing change from moment to moment. However, the environmental programs we have been pursuing in the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group, including our activities to prevent global warming, have consistently responded to important societal demands and have always been in accord with the "Sumitomo Business Spirit."

Last fiscal year we started our 4th Medium-Term Environmental Plan(FY2014-2016) based on the Medium-Term Management Plan 2016.The 4th Medium-Term Environmental Plan includes the following basic policies:

  • Promote environmental risk management
  • Contribute to achievement of a low-carbon society
  • Realize a resource-recycling society
  • Contribute to local communities and take measures for biodiversity

Pursuing these policies, we will take steps to further promote environmental activities at Group companies, including those in other countries.
I myself have a very keen awareness of the importance of environmental activities. The top management in each business division and every Group company as well as all Group employees will conscientiously and steadfastly engage in specific implementation of these activities.
In this implementation, we will place the greatest priority on autonomous activities undertaken by each business division and Group company to achieve the targets of the 4th Medium-Term Environmental Plan.
Also of importance, as I see it, is for all the individual employees who do the work of the various business divisions and Group companies to learn with each other and from each other as they pursue environmental activities.
The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group will continue listening attentively to our stakeholders and taking them seriously. We will constantly pursue the effort to reform ourselves, without ever stopping, as we steadily move toward realization of the Group goals.

We appreciate your opinions and advice, and we will be very pleased to draw on them for our future initiatives.

President and CEO
Shunsuke Betsukawa

Shunsuke Betsukawa