Message from the President

Engaging in Global Corporate Activity Based on the Sumitomo Business Spirit, Our Innovation Will Contribute to the Achievement of a Sustainable Society

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is seeking to provide first-class products and first-class services that are considerate of the environment, as well as first-class production processes that reduce the environmental burden in the course of producing those products and services. We are taking measures for protection of the global environment and aim to become a corporation that contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society.

President and CEO: Shunsuke Betsukawa

In order to provide the world with environmentally considerate first-class products and first-class services in a variety of different fields, our Group will have to declare high objectives and overcome a number of issues.

With globalization and innovation as our keywords, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is pursuing a growth strategy that is focused on the global market.
Thus far we have implemented measures that include building new factories and expanding facilities in other countries.

Globalization has brought increasing diversification in the cultures and values of our Group employees.

I consider it vital for us to make active use of our diversification as we engage in activities to protect the environment and to take steps for all Group employees together to communicate and share the Sumitomo Business Spirit, which forms the context for our environmental protection activities.

This year is the last fiscal year of the third medium-term environmental plan (FY2011-2013), which started in fiscal year 2011.

Together with our overseas Group companies, we will pursue these priority policies:

  • Promote environmental risk management
  • Promote activities to prevent global warming
  • Contribute to the eco society through our products
  • Promote activities that contribute to local communities
These measures will achieve the objectives of the third medium-term environmental plan.

This is a time of great change. Although we face harsh business conditions, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group will continue further promoting activities to protect the global environment.

For us of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group, our measures to protect the global environment constitute our response to society's calls for engagement, which are changing moment by moment. The Group will continue listening to our stakeholders and taking them seriously. We will continue constantly reforming ourselves, without ever stopping, so as to achieve the high goals we set.

We appreciate your opinions and advice, and we hope to draw on them for our future initiatives.

President and CEO
Shunsuke Betsukawa
Shunsuke Betsukawa