All-electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine


The SV-M series is a group of all-electric, single-action vertical machines that demonstrate the fruits of
their precision stability and work efficiency pursuits
in hoop molding and other applications.


Precision stability at its best

Direct drive system

The machines employ purpose-specific servomotors and
an advanced Intelligent Servo Controller (ISC) to control them.
As a result, the screw is nimbly responsive to control commands and super-precise in how it operates, thus ensuring users greater accuracy and stability in plasticization,
filling and holding pressure processes.

Advanced filling control

Flash Control

Screw behavior is dexterously controlled during
the filling process so that resin viscosity can be used to smoothly and fully fill cavities.

Support for composite molding of thin-walled products and multi-cavity molds

Ultra high-speed injection unit

With the SV50M, users can opt for the C110HP
ultra high-speed injection unit that delivers 800 mm of
resin per second.
This level of injection performance supports composite
molding of thin-walled products and multi-cavity molds.