All-electric Vertical Rotary Horizontal Injection Molding Machine


The SR-H is an all-electric machine with a vertical clamp and horizontal parting line (horizontal injection as well) that flexibly fits into production sites with limited space.


Outstanding precision stability

Direct drive system

The SR-H incorporates the standard direct drive system used with horizontal machines. The highly precise,
quickly responsive screw control delivers greatly
improved precision stability in plasticization,
filling and pressure holding processes.

Protect your important molds

Highly sensitive mold protection

The mold protection mechanism has been made
more sensitive.
It adds greater protection for molds in the event of
accidents during insertion processes, etc.

Fast inversion and highly accurate mold clamping

High performance rotary table

With a table rotation time of just 1.2 sec and
stopping accuracy within 10 μm, the high performance
rotary table gives users much welcomed precision in
high-cycle composite molding.