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Techno-Club vol.38

Stress-free work floors and profitable production proposed via machines shown at IPF 2014

  • 8 important points to stress-free molding and optimized production
  • Tomenai Service(A change from 'Quick Repairs' to 'Tomenai')
  • Spotlight-Meet Sumitomo's Personnel

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Sales & Service

Techno-Club vol.37

'SL' showcase with technical commentaries

  • SL Screw System Installation Guide
  • NPE2012 and Chinaplas2012 Report

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Sales & Service

Techno-Club vol.36

'Zero' showcase!

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Techno-Club vol.35

3rd innovation following 'Sycap' and 'Direct Drive'

  • Sumitomo merges with Demag

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Techno-Club vol.34

Connect your wishes to a good product

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Techno-Club vol.33

LGP Molding - What's New, What's Next

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Techno-Club vol.32

40 Years of SUMITOMO IMMs

  • Chronology of Sumitomo IMMs
  • New flag ship machine, SE-DU series

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Techno-Club vol.31

Sumitomo IMMs in IPF2005

  • IPF2005 Report
    SE50DU / SE75DU / SE220HS / SE350HD / SE130DU-HP / SE260HY / SE75D-CI / SR50D / SE7M / Micro-Opt / iii-System / TMconcept® /

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Techno-Club vol.30

New Technology of Automobile Parts Molding

  • Fully Electric Molding Machine for High Load Molding - SE-HD series
  • Fully Electric Vertical Molding Machine - SR-D series

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Techno-Club vol.29

2-Material & Medical Instruments Molding from Sumitomo

  • Fully electric double shot machines
  • Sumitomo, a leader in medical instruments molding

K2004 Report

  • Electric drive machine and the Sumitomo brand penetrate in Europe market

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Techno-Club vol.28

Thin-Wall Fast Cycle Molding from Sumitomo

  • Ultra fast cycle hybrid machines

Enabling a higher level of system molding

  • Precision molds

Molding support CAE system

  • TMconcept®

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Techno-Club vol.27

Explore the 'Opto-World' with Sumitomo's high technology

  • Fully electric optical disc molding machine
  • Fully electric lens molding machine
  • Micro-optics molding machine

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Techno-Club vol.26

CO2 Magic! High flowability and high replication with AMOTEC

  • AMOTEC, a new molding application using CO2

NPE2003 Report

  • 'The Power to Compete'

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Techno-Club vol.25

Challenge the high-value-added molding!!

IPF2002 Technical Report

  • Expanding the horizons of injection molding with Electric Drive Systems
    • Fully electric double-shot molding
    • Ultra high-speed using hybrid system
    • Thin-walled molding of high-viscosity resin
    • Super fine pattern replication
    • Fully electric composite molding
    • Fully electric ultra high-speed injection

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Techno-Club vol.24

The 2nd Generation Direct Drive

  • The superb capability of the new SE-D series
  • Brand-new connector molding and lens molding machines are added to the SE-D Series

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