Increased potential of the "A" line

Speedy start up to mass production

Links humans with machines quickly and gently

【NC-10 controller】
The new NC-10 controller in a human-centered design (HCD) housing has a large 15-inch color LCD panel that features high sensitivity for light-touch operations and a wide horizontal viewing angle. In addition, it employs a waveform display, quality control, and other functions for easy operations.

Filling process is carried out by automatic setting

【FFC auto setting】
FFC solves short shot and burrs at the same time and improves cavity balance.SE-EV-A set FFC time automatically.

Utilizing new plasticizing system more simply

【Automatic SL Screw setting】
You can use the advanced performances of the SL screw simply only by selecting resin and setting the synchronization ratio of the constant feeding system (GS Loader) automatically on the SL molding support screen.

Precise, stable and high-quality production

More higher cycle molding

【Damping acceleration/deceleration control S-MOVE】
SE-EV-A can open and close the mold more quickly with low vibration by generating smooth speed patterns in acceleration and deceleration.

High-precision and quick-response screw control

【Direct drive system】
Originally-developed low-inertia servomotor is controlled by an up-to-date control system ISCII (Intelligent Servo Controller II) for high-precision and quick-response screw control. They provides more precise and stable plasticizing,filling, and holding pressure.

Keeps linearity and parallelism of molds and prevents damages to the molds

【Platen support and bush-less tie bar】
SE-EV-A provides smooth mold open/close at heavy mold with accurate platen parallelism. This function demonstrates the mold accuracy 100% and prevents mold damage, such as pin stuck, etc.

Minimizing management and environmental loads

Reduces power consumption remarkably

【Thoroughgoing energy saving performances】
All electric machines feature outstanding energy saving performances overwhelming the hydraulic machines.Reduction of mold clamp force by Zero-molding and improvement of the mechanical efficiency by the low-friction mechanisms, such as the linear guide platen support, reduce power consumption further in comparison with the conventional machines.

Protecting molds against accidents

【Mold protection function】
SE-EV-A has more accuracy mold protection functions than conventional machine. SEEV-A prevents mold damage, such as part remaining at parting line by sensitive monitoring.

Prevents product and environment pollution with tie bar grease

【Bush-less tie bar and tie bar plating】
SE-EV-A prevents cosmetic defect by grease scattering,since mold area is clean by grease free tie bar.Also you have comfortable work environments.