Increased potential achieved by "A"

Major jobs and reliable performance with a compact machinen

Stable molding at lower mold clamp force

Zero-molding can reduce the mold clamp force without sacrificing precision and stability.The advantages are lower fraction defectives, less maintenance, longer mold life, and energy saving.

"If we could only mount larger molds on a compact machine ..."

"We could not use our molds on a compact machine even though we could lower the clamp force."

Ample mold mounting capability and improved injection capacity

The SE-EV-A-HD employs a number of technologies for mounting larger molds. Moreover, the mold strengthens injection performance to meet a broader range of product needs. This model enables molding free from stresses upon molds and delivers a sound job in a compact body. The SE-EV-A-HD guides production sites to innovation.

Ample specs for mounting large molds

Extended opening stroke, thickness range and ejector stroke

The mold-opening stroke is 25 mm wider than conventional models and the mold thickness range can be extended (100 mm*/200 mm*) from the original minimum value. The ejector stroke is 220 mm in all models, which is the largest for machines in the same class. *Option. Only a 100 mm extension is available on some models.

Wider tie bar space

Tie bar spaces have increased by 8% in width and 15%* in length compared to conventional models. These are the largest in machines of the same class. The square type tie bars allow users to insert molds from the side. *Mean values of the SE-EV-A-HD models.

Increased mold load capacity

A reinforced frame construction increases the allowable maximum mold weight by 22%* compared to conventional models. The unit accommodates larger and heavier molds. *Mean values of the SE-EV-A-HD models.

Reinforced frame

Deformation of the frame opening, which affects the mold posture when the mold is closed, is reduced by 50%. Improved linearity prevents wear and breakage of the guide pins.

Higher precision function for reducing the mold clamp force

Linear guide platen support and bush-less tie bar

Even if a heavy mold is mounted, it opens and closes smoothly with high parallelism accuracy. The tie bar bush is eliminated, and the production environment is clean and free of grease spattering.

Double Center Press Platens

Center Press Platens evenly distribute the surface pressure applied to molds on both the movable and stationary sides as a standard feature. In addition, a newly designed structure reduces surface pressure variances in the center.

Clamp force feedback control

A high-performance servomotor is employed as the mold thickness movement motor to achieve ±1% feedback control. This enables mass production at the specified clamp force free of influences from the thermal expansion of molds.

Adjustable-speed vibration suppressing control S-MOVE

While the motor accelerates and decelerates, smooth speed patterns are generated to reduce vibrations by 50% or less compared to conventional models.

Injection unit that increases the capacity

Screw selection applicable to large injection capacities

Large-diameter screws are added to the C1100HD and larger-capacity plasticizing units. They are applicable to products requiring large injection capacities.

High-duty filling specification for thin-walled products

High-duty filling type models that greatly increase the maximum injection speed are available. They enable stable precision molding of thin-walled products. *The high-duty filling type models are optional.