All-electric Double-shot Injection Molding Machine


Production efficiency spawned from a unique design

Piping routed to support greater freedom of molds

Since the manifold is not placed in the center of the rotary table, there will be no wasted space.
This allows to mount the same size mold to smaller machines and leads to the achievement of
“big jobs with a small machine” through an efficient mold use.

Long parts available thanks to wider range of mountable molds

An original temperature control manifold and wider tie-bar
clearance enable large mold to be mounted.
It enables the molding of long parts, which was not possible
with the separate (two-part) mold.

Greatly shortened mold rotation time

The performance of mold rotary unit and mold opening/closing unit have been thoroughly reviewed comparing with the conventional machine. Accordingly, rotating time has been reduced to less than half of the earlier models,
which leads to significant improvement in productivity.