Online Seminar


i-Connect enables the centralized control of molding machines and peripheral equipment.
In addition to the introduction of the i-Connect function, we also provide specific examples of the i-Connect utilization
We propose solutions for molding on-site issues, such as remote monitoring and traceability.

This seminar is recommended for those who are:
● trying to centralized control of molding machines and peripherals
● need a remote monitoring of operating conditions
● lack of molding historical data
● willing to improve implementation of accurate traceability
● require a systematic maintenance based on failure prediction

  • Seminar001-01
  • Seminar001-01
How to participate You will be notified of the new arrival information on the front page and in the mail magazine when the participation method is held.
Participation fee Free of charge
Target Injection molding machine users.
Format Online Seminar via ZOOM
Contents -Situation faced by the molder at the time
- Introduction of i-Connect
- Five examples of utilization
Instructor Ms. Yang (Sales Engineering Department)

※ We may not accept applications from other companies in the same industry or our competitors.