Online Seminar


Injection molding defects can occur depend on the polymer and mold product. By the diversification of plastic parts, there are various factors and countermeasures. In this seminar, we will explain about low clamping force technology, which is one of the features of the Sumitomo molding machine. We propose effective solutions such as injection control, screw design, sensing and clamping mechanism.

This seminar is recommended for those who are:
● lack of experience in reducing clamp force
● willing to solve molding defects
● facing a problem of gas burning, burrs and yellowing

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  • Seminar001-01
How to participate You will be notified of the new arrival information on the front page and in the mail magazine when the participation method is held.
Participation fee Free of charge
Target Injection molding machine users.
Format Online Seminar via ZOOM
Contents - Introduction of injection molding
- Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding with low clamping force.
- Example cases of gas burning, burrs and yellowing.
- Introduction of our technology, including the explanation about factors and countermeasure of molding defects.
Instructor Mr. Lee (Sales Engineering Department)

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