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SMR is of high carbon, high alloy steel powder by our original process which has not succeeded in manufacture in the ordinary ingot-forging process, and applied to work rolls for tension leveler.
The tension leveler provides straightening and scale-breaking for steel sheet processed. Its rolls are under a high contact pressure, sliding forces with processing steel sheet and also under severe conditions like biting powders of scales peeled off from processing steel sheet and being splashed with spraying water for scale powder collection. SHI Himatex has developed products of high alloy steel powder with high resistances to abrasion, surface deterioration (chattering marks) and corrosion which enjoys a long life.
SMR is of high carbon, high alloy steel powder which cannot be manufactured through the conventional melting process. SMR by powder metallurgy has the microscopic structure with a uniform distribution of fine carbides, almost free from coarse primary carbides which found in products of SUS 440C and SKD11 of JIS, and possesses excellent mechanical properties, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
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