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Suppliers of materials, equipment and services below are pleased to be invited additionally through internet. Your offer is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Procurement Group
Refractories for induction furnace, ladle and the rest
Castable refractory for mortar, caster
Ferroalloy Si-Mn, Fe-W@>>details here
Auxiliary raw materials Carburizer, Electrode waste
Tools and devises Cutting tools, Working tools, electric tools
Steel Scraps Small-sized steel scrap tips, newly-cut scrap
Thermal insulator Thermal insulating sleeve, Thermal insulating materials for a ladle,Ceramic fibers
Secondary steel products Steel plates, Steel pipes, Wire ropes, Steel grids
Welding materials Welding rods, Welding wires, TIG rods
Safety Goods Safety goods, Personal protective equipment, Signs,Disaster preventive apparatus
Expendable supplies for work Leather gloves, Waste cloths, Detergents for oil removal
Recycling Brick wastes, Molding sand waste, Grinding waste, Cutting tools
Heat treating equipment Quenching facilities, Tempering facilities,Vertical electric furnaces, Gas –fired furnaces
Temperature measuring Consumptive thermocouples, Sheathed thermocouples
Machine tools Lathes, Grinders, Machining centers, Turnings, Tool grinders
Transportation Equipmen Lifting tools, Bogie trucks, Fork lifts
Inspection equipment Ultrasonic detectors, Magnetic particle detectors,Hardness testers, Length measuring devises
Molding equipment Sand conveyor, Sand dryer, Sand mixer
Oils Lubricating oil, Cutting oil, Anti-rust oil
Utilities Compressors, Coolers, Heaters
Electric instrumentation Inverter equipment, Sensors
Other equipment Electric welding machines, Dust collectors
Molding materials Machining services Molding sands, Binders
Materials to be machined Rolling mill rolls (Hs40-90)
Finish conditions Rough and/or finish machining of as-cast rolls
Rolls to be machined Castings weighing 1 to 60 ton/piece
@ Contact: Procurement Group

Contact: Procurement Group
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