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1882 Forging started at the Sumitomo Besshi Mine Shop
1885 Casting started at the Sumitomo Bessi Mine Shop
1931 Old casting plant was completed
1934 Incorporated as Sumitomo Machinery Co.,Ltd.
In-house supplier of castings and forgings
1937 Roll plant completed
1940 Changed to be Sumitomo Machinery Industries Co.,Ltd.
1944 Relocated forging plant to Isoura
1945 Changed to be Shikoku Machinery Industries Co.,Ltd.
1952 Restored to be Sumitomo Machinery Industries Co.,Ltd
1953 DCI rolls manufactured first in Japan.
1954 Established Foundry Division
1955 Started Sales outside
1956 Renamed to be Foundry & Forging Division
1960 Roll Section independent from Foundry Division
1969 Renamed to be Sumitomo Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd
1974 Completed highly modernized cast steel foundry
1975 Development of SIP-DCI heat treatment technology
1980 Established Sumitomo Heavy Industries Foundry & Forging Co.,Ltd
1986 World-first product by Osprey Spray Deposition Process
1987 Completed one of the Japan's largest vertical centrifugal casting machine
1988 Completed surface hardening foundry
1990 Completed Osprey Spray Deposition Plant
1995 Completed overall facilities for high-speed tool steel roll manufacture
1999 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2000 Established Shin Nippon Chain &Machinery Co.,Ltd.
2001 Renamed to be Sumitomo Heavy Industries Himatex Co.,Ltd.
Shin Nippon Chain & Machinery Co.,Ltd. became a 100% owned subsidiary
2002 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2004 Completed inclinable small-sized centrifugal casting machine
2005 Withdrawal from cast steel business
2006 Transferred Slide Gato business to Kurosaki Harima Corporation
2007 Introduction of entire equipment for adamite and graphitic steel roll production
Developed a new type ductile iron roll with an improved anti-wear property
2008 Acquired Shin Nippon Chain & Machinery
Fuel conversion from heavy oil to LP-gas for a heat treating furnace applied to rolling mill rolls
Introduction of TPS(Toyota Production System)to shorten lead time for roll production
2009 Relocation of machining shop for small-and-medium sized rolls to lsoura District.
Introduction of a machining center with fine-face machining equipment and three NC lathes into the machine shop.
Fuel conversion to LP-gas for another roll heat treating furnace
2010 Large lathe for machining large rolls such as blooming rolls and billeting mill rolls
2011 Emission spectral analysis apparatus renewed
2012 Lead time shorted 30 days by project activities based upon TPS(Toyota Production System)
2013 HBS(Sumitomo Heavy Industries Himatex Business School)opened
Start of cost reduction activity based upon TPS
High speed tool steel based roll with a higher resistance to heat crackings for roughing train was developed
2014 Opening of SHI Himatex Management School(first term)
Start of development of a new technology for hard facing
Start of development of a new type roll material for a new application
2015 Start of second term of SHI Himatex Management School
Renewal of a roll foundry overhead crane to a latest speed-control type(125tons/50tons)
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