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FPA series
FPA series illustration
FPA series illustration
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FPA is rigid and strong against offset load. To endure high offset load, FPA series adopts wide single pitman.
Press frame : The frame is consists of crown, bed, and column, which are major frame components of press. Each component is tied by shrinkage fit with heavy-duty tie rods.
Slide : To achieve higher forging accuracy, FPA series has a slide with an extension tale made of cast steel. A copper alloy liner is furnished at gib side of each guided surface.
Shut height adjustment : The shut height is adjusted by the wedge located at underneath of slide. The wedge is moved by an adjust screw by hydraulic motor. Adjustment mechanism could be controlled by the operating panel at remote location.
The adjustment value could be displayed at the digital counter located at the touch panel.
Clutch and brake : Friction disk type clutch is activated by compressed air. The clutch is installed at main gear located at the end of eccentric shaft. Liquid cooling brake unit is fixed at other end of the eccentric shaft.
FPA Series
FPA-4000 FPA-5000 FPA-6500 FPA-8000
Tons capacity (MN)
40 50 65 80
{4000} {5000} {6500} {8000}
Stroke distance (mm) 380 400 450 520
Press speed (spm) 50 45 40 38
Shut height (mm) 1100 1250 1350 1700
Slide adjustment (mm) 10 15 15 15
R-L(mm) 1500 1800 1840 1950
F-R(mm) 1600 1850 1900 2150
(kN×mm) 200×45 200×50 300×50 400×50
{tf×mm} {20×45} {20×50} {30×50} {40×50}
(kN×mm) 400×60 500×60 600×60 700×80
{tf×mm} {40×60} {50×60} {60×60} {70×80}
Main motor (kW) 220 260 300 400
Number of tripping (tpm) 20 18 16 15
Max.25 Max.20
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